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Supervision is a multifaceted relationship between a supervisor and supervisee or a group of supervisees that fosters good professional practice by encouraging and facilitating reflexivity, learning support and self care.

I adhere to the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy’s ethical code of practice

My practice is based in Meriden, CV7.

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My philosophy

As a psychotherapist I offer a safe and developmentally appropriate relationship, within which my clients can express their needs and get them met. As a supervisor I offer an equivalent relationship to my supervisees. As the attuned therapeutic relationship is the vehicle for change so the attuned supervisory relationship is the vehicle for the group and development of the supervisee.  My goals is for my supervisees to feel support, encouraged and respected.


I work with trainees as well as experienced counsellors and psychotherapists. I support trainees as they develop. I help them deepen their awareness and understanding of their clients and themselves as a therapist. With experienced therapists, I support their ongoing learning and development, offering both challenge and a new perspective on their work.


As a member of both the BACP and UKCP, I adhere to the ethical code of practice of each organisation.

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Click here to read some Frequently Asked Questions about supervision.
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