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Space for You

Whatever our story, whatever the pressures and stresses we face, we all need a space to be. A space where we can express ourselves and be heard, where we are noticed but not judged. Space for You personal development workshops offer exactly that.

They are designed for women who feel life is a little out of balance and want to start making changes. If you often feel overwhelmed or irritable, struggle to say no, feel no one is listening or your confidence has been battered, or taken on too much as you try to keep everyone happy, these workshops are for you. 

You will leave with a deeper understanding of these challenges and new strategies for tackling them. My aim is to help you achieve the life balance you want. With time and space to engage in some reflection you will gain new personal insights.  My calm and open approach will put you at ease and I’ll guide you to participate as much as you want. With plenty of time to chat over tea, coffee and homemade cookies, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women.

The venues change but they are always comfortable and welcoming. Numbers are limited. 

Upcoming Workshops

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Self Care Isn't Selfish

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Book a chat with Cathy if you would like to know more about Space for You personal Development workshops

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